Dad Too Embarrassed Bursts Into Tears After Dentist Gives Him a Surprise Smile Makeover

January 16, 2019 Updated: January 16, 2019

Society often places too much emphasis and value on appearances, and this can cause some people to feel self-conscious with their looks, like one man in Texas who had badly decayed teeth. Fortunately for him, a dentist stepped forward to help.

In 2017, Dr. Kenny Wilstead of Marshall Family Dental in Marshall, Texas, came across a Facebook profile of a man named Dillon Moore, who “wasn’t smiling,” Wilstead wrote on his Facebook page.

Wilstead noticed that Moore did not smile in any picture, so he wrote to Moore offering to “fix his smile.” Unfortunately, Moore was too busy with work and had no time to visit Wilstead.

Got my new family pics today…Well my Dental Family Pics 😌 while I try to give y’all the best of me, these girls do…

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A year later, Moore showed up to Wilstead’s office with a toothache.

“His boss chose to send him to my office to get his back tooth pulled and gave him a day off to do it,” Wilstead wrote.

Though Moore had forgotten about Wilstead’s kind offer, Wilstead hadn’t and immediately recalled who Moore was.

“He didn’t recognize that it was me who made that offer but i [sic] decided to make good on it either way,” Wilstead wrote.

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However, Wilstead didn’t tell Moore what he was going to do.

“I secretly numbed way more of his mouth than normal for a single tooth extraction and then i [sic] proceeded to do an entire smile makeover without him knowing or even giving me permission to,” Wilstead shared.

Two hours later, Wilstead’s efforts paid off. When Moore was handed a mirror to see his teeth, he broke down in tears upon seeing the final result. Moore’s priceless reaction was all captured on camera.

“I haven’t smiled since I was a kid without my hand over my face,” Moore said when he saw his new teeth.

Kenny Wilstead 发布于 2018年9月18日周二

He told Wilstead that he had no idea his front teeth were getting a makeover but was curious why the procedure took two hours.

“I was wondering what was taking so long,” Moore said.

Later, Moore sent several photos of himself smiling to Wilstead.

“He then sent me pics of how happy his kids were when they saw their dad smiling for the first time in their lives…” Wilstead wrote.

Who knew such a heartwarming reaction could come out from a dental visit?

Be sure to watch Moore’s reaction in the video below:

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