Dad Fighting ALS Granted His Dying Wish to Attend ‘Wedding’ of All 3 Daughters

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
March 11, 2019 Updated: March 22, 2019

Akhil Jhaveri, of Ridgefield, Washington, struggled with the fatal ALS disease (or Lou Gehrig’s disease) for the past seven years. When the doctors said his life was drawing to a close, the father of three daughters wished to fulfill one last dream.

At death’s door, Akhil had lost his ability to speak. Using a special computer to communicate, he told his wife, Laura, that his last wish was to witness his three daughters, Jordan Jhaveri, 18, Corinne Jhaveri, 23, and Ashley Jhaveri, 24, get married.

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Regrettably, none of his daughters were ready to tie the knot. Nevertheless, Akhil’s family was adamant to fulfill his dying wish.

“It was an amazing ‘last gift’ that we could give to him to show him how much we love, value and respect him even though his body and physical abilities have been ravaged by ALS,” Laura told KTVU.

So, within 9 or 10 days, his family put together a mock ceremonial wedding with the help of Deanna Green, who’s Corinne’s cheer-leading coach at Ridgefield High School, and the whole Ridgefield community.

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On July 30, 2018, the Tuxedo-clad Akhil had his final wish fulfilled as he was being wheeled down the aisle at Vintage Gardens in Ridgefield with each of his daughters—all wearing bridal dresses.

“It’s been difficult to see my dad, who I remember as this vibrant, hilarious human, sleeping as we go down the aisle together,” Ashley told KATU.

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The venue, flowers, bridal wear, wine, and the DJ service were all donated. In addition to this, residents from the community helped the family set up the tables. And guests brought dishes such as chips, guacamole, hummus, salad, and shrimp.

“I’m impressed by all the people who showed up. It means a lot to our family,” Jordan told The Columbian.

During the ceremony, the three sisters shared “vows” and danced around their dad in front of around 80 guests. Unquestionably, Akhil cherished these special moments he had with his family.

“There were moments when he really opened his eyes and perked up. I know he really cherished being able to be here, and having this party,” Laura told The Columbian.

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Certainly, this touching ceremony will stay in his daughters’ hearts forever.

“As we started walking down the aisle, I realized that if I do get married, I’ll get to take this whole ceremony with me, and he’ll be there,” Ashley said.

As anticipated, the bittersweet mock wedding ceremony was the last gift the family gave to Akhil. The loving father passed away a month later on Sept. 1, 2018.

“His legacy endures in the countless lives he touched,” Ashley wrote on Facebook. “His smile and laugh lit up any room.”

You did good, Dad. ❤️Today, after a hard-fought seven-year battle with ALS, my papa went home. His legacy endures in…

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Though Akhil had passed away, Laura took comfort in knowing that he is now in a better place.

“I know he’s in heaven rejoicing and that his body is whole again. I can find joy in that for him,” Laura said.

May you rest in peace, Akhil Jhaveri. You will truly be missed and forever remembered.

Watch the touching wedding ceremony video below:

A Last Gift: Dad with ALS attends daughters' wedding

A LAST GIFT: Akhil Jhaveri had been battling ALS for seven years and doctors say his life could end any day now. Faced with the end of his life, it was very important for Akhil to be able to walk his daughters down the aisle on their wedding day. Since none of his three daughters were ready for marriage, they did the next best thing. The family decided to have an impromptu mock "wedding" so the sisters could share the moment with their dad:

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