Kids Eating at Restaurant Can’t Stop Crying When Their Waiter Removes His Bandana

April 19, 2019 Updated: April 19, 2019

The children in this video haven’t seen their father, Mario Sayson, in three years. As they sit in a restaurant they have no idea of the surprise they are about to get, or who their server is.

Mario Sayson had to go abroad to work as an electrical engineer in Qatar and hasn’t been able to return to see his family. When he finally had time to go back and see them he wanted to surprise them, so tells the restaurant of his plan and they let him wear their uniform and serve his children food.

As the two children, Princess and Joshua, eat their food they don’t ever look up to see that their server is wearing a bandana over their face. On the third time he returns to their table he removes his bandana and Princess finally looks up. She recognizes him and her expression turns to complete shock, and her father walks away again.

Though Princess has her mouth open in shock, Joshua doesn’t seem to think anything at all is wrong. He continues to eat, and it’s only when Mario returns a fourth time and stands there looking at him that he finally looks up, and the biggest grin spreads across his face.

Their mom cackles with laughter – obviously very proud that the surprise they planned had worked so well!

The children cry and Mario gives them his bandana to wipe their eyes. He sacrificed three years of his life for them to ensure they had a comfortable life. As they cry he grins at the camera and gives a thumbs up!

Watch the video to see the exact moment Princess and Joshua see their father again after years apart!