Crazed Coyote Attacks Car, Is Captured on Camera

February 6, 2018 Last Updated: February 6, 2018

A crazed coyote charged a car in an incident captured on camera.

The animal, which was reportedly rabid, attacked a vehicle belonging to John Schroter of Huntersville, North Carolina, the Charlotte Observer reported on Monday, Feb. 5.

“That’s a coyote for sure,” Schroter says. “Is he still going? Here, keep recording video. I’m going to get him.”

The coyote was spotted two blocks from the family’s house.

“What do you mean you’re going to get him?” his daughter, Hannah, asks in the video.

“I don’t know,” he replies. “Just going to scare him or something.”

“Do we just let it go, like we don’t call anyone?” Hannah then asks.

“It’s a coyote, it’s not hurting anybody,” Schroter says. “Which way did it go? There it is.”

Then, the animal bites the bumper of the car.

“He’s bloody, too,” he says. “He’s attacking my car. He’s probably rabid. Yeah, we gotta call.”

According to the Observer, he called 911 while still in the vehicle.

Officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control Division captured the coyote and euthanized it.

“When it was growling, I thought it was going to jump on the hood of the car or something,” Hannah said later, WUSA9 reported. “Like in that moment, I was like I don’t know what’s about to happen?”

“He actually started chewing on my front grill,” Schroter added. “I put it in reverse a little bit and then he took off.”