Crash Leaves SUV Wrapped Around NJ Utility Pole, 3 Dead

December 19, 2017 Updated: December 19, 2017

Police in New Jersey said that three people died in a severe car crash in Tabernacle Township where an SUV wrapped around a utility pole while trying to evade police.

New Jersey State Police identified the victims as two adult men and a pregnant teenager. Their names weren’t released, according to ABC6.

The crash took place around 12 p.m. Monday at Flyatt and Caranza roads in Tabernacle Township in front of the Sequoia Alternative Program school. Class at the school was dismissed early due to the serious crash, according to NBC Philadelphia.

More than 50 students and employees from the school were evacuated due to roads being closed in the area amid concerns about buses not being able to get there later on in the day, NBC reported. The students and staff were taken to a transportation yard about 5 miles from the crash. Then, parents picked the children up.

The vehicle was reported stolen before the crash took place. Police said that the occupants were trying to evade law enforcement.

Police reported that before the crash, the vehicle was going at least 80 miles per hour. The SUV may have also caught on fire after the accident, ABC6 reported.

Police said that the SUV, a 1999 green GMC Yukon, was the only vehicle that was in the crash.

New Jersey State Police said that an investigation is underway.

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(Google Maps screenshot)
Epoch Times Photo
Flyatt and Caranza roads in Tabernacle Township (Google Street View)


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