Cow Helplessly Stuck in a Pit, Firefighters Spent Hours to Pull It Free

April 5, 2019 Updated: April 7, 2019

When locals discovered this cow had fallen into a pit outside a school in a small town in France, firefighters were immediately called to the scene. The pit, about nine feet deep, is quickly filling with water.

They tied a rope around the cow’s horns to keep its head above the water. The pit had been partially covered by an aged wire mesh that gave way under the cow’s weight, plunging it into the cold water.

As the cow shivers, the firefighters work to remove the mesh. When the tractor pulls it back, a piece of concrete goes crashing into the water beside the cow. Taking a more precise approach, they cut away the remaining wire.

With the pit open to the air, they attempt to rescue the cow. Two men climb down into the water and pass an old rubber hose beneath the water and behind the cow’s front legs. Slowly, the firefighters begin to pull the cow free, as men in the pit work to free the cow from debris.

They use wooden planks to hold the cow up – but it’s not enough. Disaster strikes when the rubber slips up and around the cow’s neck, almost hanging it. They release the winch and set the cow back into the freezing water.

But they don’t give up.

They bring in a forklift and use it to support the cow’s weight. This time when they winch it high enough they pass the wooden planks beneath the cow, covering the pit, and they are finally able to pull it back onto solid ground.

The poor cow is exhausted and freezing, so the vet comes to treat it and they cover it with blankets – we just hope it made a full recovery!

Watch the video to see the rescue effort for yourself!

Video Credit: Newsflare