Video: woman goes to hear lawyer boyfriend’s statement in court, ends up sentenced to life

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

Proposal videos can invoke the strongest of emotions, and this one is no exception. Caught on video, two lovebirds get engaged right on the courtroom floor in a heartwarming video going viral on Facebook.

Brandon and Jennifer, two lawyers in Florida, met while they were both prosecutors in Palm Beach County, Florida after law school. After some time dating, and wanting to pop the question to Jennifer, Brandon decided to pack their family and friends into the local courthouse and to use a courtroom as a backdrop for the ultimate marriage proposal. His proposal leaves Jennifer in tears of joy.

To set up the scene, Brandon told Jennifer to come to the courthouse to watch an important opening statement in a DUI case he was prosecuting. To offer her support, Jennifer showed up to watch Brandon take the stage, but little did she know that the trial would deliver far more than an impactful opening statement or guilty verdict. Rather, it would deliver her a proposal and fiancé.

With the Judge and courtroom staff in on the proposal, Brandon uses the opening statement to preach his love for Jennifer before their friends and family. With tears running down her face, she happily says yes and the two become engaged before our very eyes. It’s a heartwarming video you must see for yourself.

Credit: ViralHog