Couple Walk Into Cinema to Find It Filled With Bikers in Elaborate Beer Commercial Prank With an Epic Ending

August 28, 2019 Updated: September 3, 2019

Most people who enjoy going to the cinema have had that experience of being the only one who is in the theater—perhaps you and your friends missed the terrible reviews of a box office flop, or you’re part of a tight niche, cult genre following.

What you and your friend probably have not experienced at the cinema is what one couple in Brussels found out while at the Kinepolis Cinema. They were the only two in the theater—along with 148 tattooed, burly bikers. The couple’s reactions are priceless, and luckily, it was all caught on camera.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Stock-Asso
Illustration – Shutterstock | CREATISTA

The video, which was commissioned by the beer company Carlsberg and aired in 2011, was designed as a prank to capture the reactions of regular people when they were put in an interesting situation. This one certainly fit the bill. Carlsberg is known for funny and often creative commercials, and this one is no different.

Bikers can have a bit of a bad reputation due to their long beards, multiple tattoos, choice of clothing, and of course, loud motorbikes. And many people tend to associate them with trouble and even organized crime.

Understandably, some would tend to try and avoid groups such as these. That’s what makes filming the reaction of average movie-goers when confronted with a whole cinema filled with rough-looking bikers so amusing.

The clip shows us the outside of the Kinepolis Cinema, where several different couples are purchasing their tickets while being utterly unaware of what’s in store for them.

The captions explain that they filled the theater with 148 “bad boys” and only left two seats free—which were right in the center of the hall—to find out how many of the couples would be daring enough to take them.

When each couple enters the room, they are faced with the large group of tattooed and mean-looking men, who immediately seem to be staring back at them. All the unsuspecting cinema-goers are taken aback, with some seen exclaiming things such as, “You got to be kidding me,” and “This is not what I paid for.” One lady even jokingly states, “This is gonna be cozy.”

A few of them even refuse to remain in the theater and take their leave, one saying “[…] did you see those men?” One woman begins approaching the seats before her husband grabs her arm and walks out of the auditorium.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Cara-Foto

But then, some of the braver couples are shown reluctantly walking past the bikers to the available seats and taking them. It was then that the surprise was revealed. The lights in the cinema are turned off, and the spotlight hits each of the innocent couples, respectively. After that, the “That Calls for a Carlsberg” tagline is displayed on the big screen. All the bikers start clapping and cheering for them raucously.

Each of the couples are then offered a nice, refreshing beer as a reward for their bravery.

What was supposed to be a quiet night at the movies turned into something completely unexpected. The “innocent couples” had no idea that they’d end up walking into a room full of rough and hard-looking men.

Some chose to flee for their lives, but others stayed. And those who remained not only received a nice cold beer but were taught a lesson never to judge people simply based on appearances. What an inventive way to show that sometimes things are not as they seem, and by taking a leap of faith, one can even receive unexpected rewards.