Couple Had 4 Miscarriages in 6 Years. During the 5Th Pregnancy They Discover an Unbelievable Truth

May 5, 2019 Updated: May 11, 2019

This Minnesota couple dreamt of having a big, happy family. Sadly, their attempts resulted in four miscarriages in six years, yet they never gave up hope.

“It took a huge toll on our marriage,” said Allyson. “I ugly cried before every single baby shower I went to. I wondered ‘why not us? Are we not worthy of children?’”

After their first tries ended up in heartbroken devastation, Allyson and Tony Ponto, from Minnesota, opted for in vitro fertilization (IVF). Since Allyson’s chances of conceiving were deemed to be only 30 percent, doctors implanted three embryos for good measure.

When she went in for an ultrasound scan six weeks later, the scan showed not one, not two, but three babies … or so they thought.

Overjoyed, Tony said, “Three? We got three babies?”

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The doctor looked at the astonished couple and added, “No … not exactly.”

In the end, the couple was to expect four babies, quadruplets, which included identical twins.

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On July 4, 2017, after 11 years of tears, heartbreak, and pain, Allyson and Tony were blessed with the birth of four healthy baby girls.

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Olivia, Anna, Morgan, and Carolyn were born at 32 weeks via cesarean and received respiratory support initially. After a few weeks, the whole family headed for home sweet home at last, reported Kare 11 News.

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“It makes me cry, like every day, because I’m just so happy that they’re here and they’re healthy,” Allyson said. “four babies I can’t believe they are all ours!”

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Here is the amazing video of a dream come true for Allyson and Tony: