Cop Refuses to Let Vagrant Dig Through Trash for Food and Treats Him to a Hot Meal

February 1, 2019 Updated: February 1, 2019

Kindness is something we all resonate with, and when we see it in someone else it gives us that warm and fuzzy feeling.

It was just a small act of kindness, and to veteran Chicago police officer Sergeant B. Hagarty, it wasn’t anything special.

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Chicago Police Department 发布于 2015年9月4日周五

As the police officer was having lunch in Mexican restaurant Chipotle, he glanced out of the window and noticed a homeless man rummaging through the bins looking for a few scraps to eat. After catching the man’s eye, he gestured if he was hungry to come inside.

Rachel Mitchell was also inside having lunch, and she decided to photograph the interaction on her phone, to then share on LoveWhatMatters.

“They stood in line together and at the end the cop paid for the man’s meal,” she wrote.

“A simple hand shake was exchanged between them and they parted ways like it was no big deal. If everyone did something simple like this every day the world would be a better place.”

Chicago Police Department 发布于 2018年7月22日周日

Local radio shared the post, and the Chicago Police Department also shared it on their Facebook page, obviously proud of their officer Hagarty.

“Touched my heart so much, with all the [expletive] police are getting these days it reminds me there’s so much more good out there than anyone ever wants to give credit,” said Mitchell.