Cop Pulls Over Woman and Issues Her 2 Tickets Before Telling Her ‘Not To Pay Them’

By Li Yen, Epoch Times
April 27, 2019 Updated: May 4, 2019

Courtney Gross, of Baltimore, Maryland, certainly didn’t expect a traffic stop could turn out to be a pleasant experience. It was such a memorable incident, she took to Facebook to compliment the police officer.

One night in February 2016, Gross got pulled over by police due to the expired stickers on her car. She had failed to renew her registration.

The officer came over to ask for Gross’s license and registration, and her little son Ty began striking up a conversation with him.

"I got pulled over because my stickers are old and I need to renew my registration on my car. The officer comes to my…

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

As Gross was digging for her registration, the officer requested Gross to roll down the window where Ty was sitting so that he could talk to the boy.

Gross did as she was told, and that’s when the heartwarming episode unfolded.

The officer had a flashlight in his hand, and Ty had a miniature lightsaber that he bought from a store earlier. The cop asked Ty if he wanted to trade the miniature lightsaber for his flashlight.

Illustration – Pixabay | fsHH

“They did and he showed him how to make his flash light [sic] blink really fast and Ty thought it was cool,” Gross recounted on Facebook.

As the officer and Ty chatted, Gross managed to find her registration, which she handed to the officer.

While the officer went back to his vehicle, Gross thought her car would get towed, but instead, he came back with his police hat on a few minutes later.

“Instead of towing my car and giving me a million dollars in fines, this guy gives me 2 tickets for a little over 100 dollars and then tells me NOT to pay them but to go to court so they can be reduced and explained everything and every step to me,” Gross wrote.

He also gave her two warnings that “could have been 2 more tickets as well.”

The officer then made a small request. He wanted Ty to get out of the car to put on the police hat and take a photo with the boy.

Gross gladly obliged.

Ty loved it as he stood beside the officer, grinning cheerfully.

“I really couldn’t believe how cool he was and how he really made my son’s night. I thought for sure that my car was getting towed.”

The officer renewed Gross’s hope by showing her there are still nice police out there.

“I’m really thankful for how this whole thing played out,” she concluded. “Thank you God.”

Gross’s post was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and has garnered more than 44,000 reactions and over 1,300 comments.

“What a sweet story….There are thousands of our men in blue who genuinely care about our children as well as adults,” one wrote.

Another commented, “I don’t know who has the bigger smile on their face. Little Ty or the angel of an officer!”

Hats off to the awesome officer! What a wonderful thing he’s done.

May the story inspire other men in blue to follow the officer’s example—to spread love and understanding.