CM Punk Arrested? Nope, Twitter and Yahoo Trend Sparked Via Trolling

CM Punk has not been arrested.

The wrestler has been extremely popular ever since he left the WWE, perhaps even more so than when he was wrestling.

People have been searching for news about him, and it seems that some people decided to make up a rumor about Punk being arrested.

One of the top searches on Twitter for Punk is “CM Punk arrested.” And one Twitter user says that “CM Punk was the #1 trend on Yahoo earlier due to people on Twitter apparently starting a rumor that he got arrested….”

However, there seems to be no truth to the rumor–instead, many of the tweets about Punk supposedly being arrested include a link to a trolling webpage that says “You Got Owned.”

It says that over 126,000 people have been trolled so far.

Instead of being arrested, Punk has been enjoying his time relaxing since he’s not wrestling anymore.

He confirmed that he’s retired just last month, and he recently participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which seems to raise awareness and money for Lou Gehrig’s disease.

His wife AJ Lee is still wrestling in the WWE and was scheduled to take on Paige tonight at the SummerSlam.

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