CM Punk, AJ Lee Update: WWE and Punk Reach ‘Some Kind of Deal,’ Report Says

October 27, 2014 Updated: November 9, 2015

CM Punk and the WWE have reached some type of deal, says a report on Monday.

The WWE has started to sell CM Punk merchandise again despite the ex-champ being gone from the promotion since earlier this year. The promotion pulled Punk-related merchandise in September, notes Wrestling Inc.

“Recently, attorneys of the former wrestler sent WWE a 22-page letter regarding non-payment of royalties he feels he’s owed. In an apparent response to the letter, WWE slashed prices on many Punk items before removing them altogether. This included a huge price drop in the “Best In the World” DVD and Blu-ray, which was reduced to $2.99,” the website says.

According to WrestleZone, Punk will also be featured in WWE 2k15, which is coming out tomorrow as part of that deal.

“As we noted moments ago, WWE is once again selling CM Punk merchandise on its website, and it appears as if Punk and WWE have reached some sort of deal which will allow WWE to continue selling his merchandise,” the site says.

Punk and the WWE have been at odds with one another after Punk left the promotion, breaching his contract. 


Meanwhile, Punk’s wife AJ Lee–the Divas champion–fought Paige during Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

Lee defeated Paige on Sunday after she did her Black Widow move.

Lee offered praise for her opponent before the match. “We needed something to give the division a kick in the butt and Paige is perfect for that,” she said, according to CBS.

“You didn’t know what we were going to do for a while. I think that made it,” Lee said. “Whether we were out there for 30 seconds, it was ‘What are they going to do? Oh, they’re sharing chocolate candy. This is awkward!’ There was something about that just made it special. It’s was just two wonderful weirdos, we have no idea what to expect from.”