Cavaliers News, Rumors 2014: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Mike Miller Latest

December 3, 2014 Updated: December 4, 2014

The Cleveland Cavaliers are picking up momentum and the news and rumors are ramping up.

Check out the latest buzz below.

James Likes Direction of Team

LeBron James says he likes the direction the team is headed in after Tuesday’s 111-108 win over the Milwaukee Bucks extended the Cavs winning streak to four.

“We are gonna figure it out,” James told reporters after the game, reported the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“We’re still going to have some learning curves, but I like the direction we’re heading in right now. I think it starts with myself and Kyrie, and Kevin as well, and everyone has to follow our lead.”

Kyrie Irving scored 28 points, Kevin Love had 27, and James finished with 26 points and 10 assists for the Cavs, who have quickly turned things around following a four-game losing streak.

James also specifically complimented Irving, who has played much better lately.

“He’s very patient and I think he has a lot of confidence, not only in himself, but there are guys around him that can help him, so he doesn’t have to press,” James said. “And that’s very key.”

Irving said he’s figured out his role on the team.

“Whether that’s taking no shots, or taking as many shots as I took tonight, whatever is needed to win, I’m willing to do,” Irving said. “I trust my teammates 100 percent, and whatever’s needed game to game I’m going to do.”

Coach David Blatt complimented Love in addition to Mike Miller, who was crucial in the win.

“I just thought that Kevin, very much like the last game, he got to his spots on the floor. He made shots, he rebounded as he always does, he was very much engaged and played a really solid game for us,” Blatt said.

“During the course of the game, especially with the kind of team that we have, everyone takes up a piece of the game. Sometimes you’re taking up a piece early and sometimes later. But you know, I thought Kevin made one of the bigger shots of the game in the fourth quarter, if you remember the three that he made going down the stretch.

“I think he finished the second half with seven points, but he had already done a great body of work up until that point. He still came out and made that big shot and got a couple of big rebounds, so he was there and that’s important.”

Love Vows to Stay

Kevin Love #0 of the Cleveland Cavaliers shoots during the first half against the Milwaukee Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena on December 2, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Kevin Love #0 of the Cleveland Cavaliers shoots during the first half against the Milwaukee Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena on December 2, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


Love also took the time this week to emphasize that he wants to re-sign with the Cavs.

Love is in the final year of his current contract and could become an unrestricted free agent next offseason.

Love pledged to stay with the team in an interview with ESPN Radio.

“Whether we lose two or three games in a row, or there’s a game where my statistical output isn’t necessarily what it should be, people are always going to talk,” said Love.

“Since I was traded to Cleveland this summer, I’ve said since Day 1 that I’m a Cleveland Cavalier long term and I plan for it to be that way. I want to grow with this team. There’s a lot of guys with a lot of unique talent, one-through-fifteen, on our roster who are going to be here for a long time. If I could end all the speculation now, I would.

“But people are going to continue to talk no matter what. I just want to continue getting better with this team long term. I’m a Cleveland Cavalier.”

Love is expected to become an unrestricted free agent, but then sign with the Cavs. Doing that as opposed to signing a contract extension enables him to make more money.

Among the reports indicating that Love might leave was one from’s Sam Smith in which he said, “Indications are he will seriously consider the opt out and has his eyes on a return to Los Angeles, where he attended college and where the Lakers long have had him on their free agent wish list.”

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