Chinese Student Future Ruined After Traveling Back to China

May 10, 2020 Updated: May 10, 2020
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A Chinese student studying abroad in Italy recently posted online about his recent ordeals. Hoping to escape the virus, he flew back to China but was mysteriously infected with the CCP virus while being quarantined in Shanghai. Without his consent, the hotel he was quarantined in destroyed his personal belongings, including his passport, visa, his receipt to apply for the Italian residence permit, his enrollment documents to attend graduate school in September, an iPad that stored his illustrations, cash in Euros, as well as other important personal assets. Without legal documents to enter Italy, his study abroad plans have come to an abrupt stop.

In the video, the student complained: “Now, I cannot go back to Italy, because I have no passport. My school documents were all inside as well. Now I cannot go to school.” Netizens expressed that if global tensions rise over the next year, and if Western countries refuse to admit Chinese students into their borders, this student’s study abroad dream would really be dead. Independent China observer Gu He said, “He flew home, believing in the CCP’s propaganda that China is in better condition, or that China’s medical treatments are superior to those of other countries. As a result, he only has himself to blame for getting infected with the CCP virus. Not having a clear understanding of the situation and the nature of the CCP will indeed have a big impact on his life and his future.”