Chinese Defector Lands in Thailand

November 3, 2006 Updated: November 3, 2006

With the help of his supporters, Mr. Jia Jia, Secretary General of the Science and Technology Experts Association of Shanxi, safely landed in Thailand on November 2. Mr. Jia defected from the People's Republic of China on October 22, while on a tourist trip in Taiwan. After being denied asylum there, seven days later he was deported to Hong Kong, which led some observers to fear for his safety. On November 2, Mr. Jia used a Thailand entry visa to enter the country.

During his seven-day stay in Hong Kong, Mr. Jia tried to obtain political asylum in a foreign country, but was not successful in his attempts.

Mr. Jia is the highest ranking Chinese official to openly support the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) while still at his post. He plans to hold a press conference in Thailand, and to contact relevant departments of the United Nations to seek asylum in a third country.

Jia expressed his gratitude toward all those concerned about him, and said he is eager to validate to the outside world the ongoing great wave of quitting the CCP in mainland China. He is now staying in a hotel in Bangkok. He says he feels tired and needs a good rest.

Jia Kuo, Mr. Jia Jia's son in New Zealand, felt “relieved” after he heard the most recent news about his father. He also expressed sincere thanks to people who had extended help.

Dr. Gao Dawei, spokesperson of Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, had been paying close attention to Mr. Jia's situation. He was happy that Jia has now safely landed in a third country.

Dr. Gao stated that it was of great significance that Mr. Jia could avoid being deported back to China despite the tremendous diplomatic pressure from the CCP. According to Dr. Gao, Mr. Jia's successful defection is not only a personal blessing that rescues him from torture by the CCP, but also serves as great encouragement to all Chinese people and officials who wish to quit the CCP.

The Chinese communist authorities shut down the website of Science and Technology Experts Association of Shanxi Province( days ago. The page contained personal information about Mr. Jia and his son. At present, The Epoch Times knows of no instances in which the state-run media in China have reported Mr. Jia's defection.

Even so, according to the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, Mr. Jia's defection has triggered a chain reaction of members quitting the CCP in China. Some people called the service center to renounce the CCP after they heard about Mr. Jia's incident.

On November 2, the service center received a phone call from Mr. Tian Yuan in the Ukraine. Mr. Tian told the volunteers at the service center that Mr. Jia's defection was quite a surprise for them as well as an encouragement; his whole family wished to quit the Youth League and the Young Pioneer as a way of honoring Mr. Jia's defection.

During Mr. Jia's stay in Hong Kong, personnel from China's National Security agency contacted reporters from various regions and asked them to tell Mr. Jia to call them. Mr. Jia also received numerous calls where the caller immediately hung up after the phone was answered.