China–Third Largest Supplier of Food Aid in the World

August 21, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: August 21, 2006 12:00 am

CHINA–According to the UN Annual Report published July 20, China became the third larges supplier of food aid in the world in 2005. Most of the food is sent to North Korea. A commentator said that while many Chinese people are still having problems with getting their basic needs met, food aid is used to maintain the Communist dictatorship and to oppose the civilized world.

China's food aid to foreign countries has increased three-fold in the past few years and reached 636 thousand tons–ranking third behind the U.S. and Europe. The U.N.'s report also says that after 26 years of providing food aid to China, the UN World Food Programme discontinued sending food aid to China in 2004.

The World Food Programme started working with the Chinese government in 1979 and was dedicated to eliminating poverty and hunger. The Programme provided a total of almost 3.8 million tons of food to China. On April 7, 2004, the Programme sent its last shipment of food to Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Economist Chen Jinsong said, “Looking into Chinese history, China has always been a self-sufficient powerful country. In its five-thousand-year history, only under communist rule was there the tragedy of tens of thousands of citizens starving to death. Then China depended on long-term food aid for survival.”

“Today, in order to legitimize its political power, the CCP blindly expands its economy and quickly consumes resources regardless of the consequences. On the surface, the CCP has created prosperity and rapid economic growth; but in fact, it has planted deeper economic, social, and cultural crises in Chinese society. These will cause tremendous harm to the Chinese people's basic and long term benefits.”

Chen believes that the CCP aids countries notorious for their lack of human rights such as North Korea, Cuba, and Myanmar. The CCP is wasting its people's hard-earned money and even worse, is humiliating the Chinese nation.

Sima Tai, a China-watcher and commentator in the US, said, “Its purposes are to put the theory of “Rising China” on the news, to agitate for the CCP's dream of being a “powerful nation,” and to assist other communist countries. The ultimate goal is to maintain communist rule and to oppose the civilized world.”

Yang Yinbo, a freelance writer from China, said, “Why would the CCP be trying so hard to please North Korea, a tiny country that is war-thirsty, tyrannical, and ruthless? I doubt that the North Korean government will pass down much of the food to its people.”

Sima Tai also said, “China should try to solve its poverty problems first. While many Chinese people's basic needs are not being met, the CCP wastes its citizen's hard-earned money in order to put powder on its face. The same is true of North Korea; although the North Koreans were penniless, Kim Jong II's regime spent huge amounts of money on missile tests. We can see the similarity in communist rules.”