China’s Virus Propaganda Backfires; CCP Global Ambitions Take Hit

April 27, 2020 Updated: April 27, 2020

The Chinese regime has launched a global campaign of disinformation, propaganda, diplomacy, and threats to dissuade both the international calls to investigate the origin of the CCP virus in China and the growing numbers of class action lawsuits.

In the EU, the European External Action Service wrote a report exposing the CCP’s disinformation efforts around the virus, and the Chinese regime lobbied to have the report censored. Three citizen journalists running the nCoVMemory Github page were arrested in China. These and several other efforts by the regime have been exposed to the public and are now backfiring on the Chinese Communist Party.

And while the CCP is being accused by nations including the United States, the UK, and India of leveraging the virus for business takeovers around the world, its operations are now taking a hit from the virus.

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