China’s Syria Veto Denounced by Chinese

February 6, 2012 Updated: April 11, 2012

The veto by China and Russia of the United Nations Security Council resolution to intervene in Syria, where the leader, Bashar al-Assad, is killing protesting civilians, was criticized by Chinese netizens soon the news went public.

Chinese issued urgent statements to apologize to the Syrian people for China allowing the government to go on bombing civilians.

A Shenzhen netizen calling himself “anti-cctv ballistic egg” wrote: “As a Chinese citizen, on behalf of myself, I deeply apologize to the Syrian people for the voting in the United Nations resolution. I did not participate in any of China’s elections, so that ballot couldn’t be counted as mine cast.”

The statement quickly forwarded over 4,000 times and commented on over 2,000 times; though before long it was purged by censors.

Director of Beijing Siyuan Research Center of Social Science, Cao Siyuan, expressed online his desire to stand alongside the rights of Syrian’s citizens rather than the Syrian government. A resident of Jiangxi province said the UN Security Council should cancel the veto power of the permanent members, because of circumstances like this.

Beijing lawyer Pu Zhiqiang said he somehow wishes that the actual sentiments of the Chinese people could be brought to the Syrian public—that Chinese are sorry for the Communist Party’s veto.

His suggestion was approved of by his peers. Beijing lawyers Tong Chaoping and Yang Mingkua said “Good old Pu, excellent!”

Another Weibo user, “Devil of the gods,” said that the words should be passed on not only to the Syrian citizens, but also to the entire world: that Chinese do not have the right to vote, and have no control of their government. “The veto does not represent the point of view of the citizens (at least not mine),” he wrote. “NATO, give some power to defeat them. If the evil is not punished, righteous and goodness will not be known.”

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