China's Problems Can Only be Solved by Renouncing the CCP

December 28, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: December 28, 2005 12:00 am

Xu Lin of the Sound of Hope Radio Network interviewed renowned human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng in Beijing on December 24. At the time, more than 50 people from Shanghai were visiting attorney Gao to thank him for supporting them in the Shanghai housing relocation issue. The interview was taped.

Visitors: We are grateful to him, so we came to Beijing to express our gratitude in person.

Seeing the sincere visitors, fifty or more, Gao said it was the best gift that he had received all year and apologized for not having enough seats.

Gao Zhisheng: I am very happy today. Your visit is the biggest gift that I have received this year. You are all very dedicated. I have not provided much help to you, but group after group of appellants from all over the country come to see me. I can feel this is truly an enormous resource. What a valuable asset you are! However, the present hoodlum regime has made you homeless, feels compelled to carry out suppression against you, and has worn you down to such an extent.

Visitors thanked Gao for being brave enough to speak up for the weak, to give speeches for just causes. One said, “You dare to tell the truth, and people are very touched.”

Gao replied that his courage came from those who have sat on the tiger bench (a form of torture in which the victim's thighs are tightly bound to a bench while bricks are stacked under the heels to apply extreme pressure to the victim's legs).

Gao Zhisheng: Why have I chosen to send such a strong critique to the despotic dictatorship recently? Where did my courage come from? Both the motive and the strength came from my continued contact with those who have sat on the tiger bench. These people do not expect anything. They just want to protect the freedom of belief in their hearts. They can sit on the tiger bench and sing for you. The regime should have realized that the years of suppression have not resolved anything.

Gao Zhisheng told his visitors about a divination his brother had recently shared with him.

Gao Zhisheng: I just received a call from my brother. People in my hometown believe in God. They recently went to a temple near my old house to get a divination. They told me that I would be imprisoned around the time of the Chinese New Year. I said I have known that for some time already. My brother was afraid for me and asked me what to do. I told him there was nothing to be afraid of. It would just be a change of place to spend the Chinese New Year. (Applause)

Gao continued: The Communist prisons can only strengthen people's hatred for the tyrannical regime. The CCP's prison is the best place for educating people. Here's an example: Zheng Yichun's two brothers had never been very concerned about politics. Both of them used to wonder if Zheng Yichun had a mental illness. They said that the CCP was such a good party and wondered how anyone could continue writing articles criticizing it. Then Zheng was arrested. It thoroughly educated the entire family and has made his family members into dissidents. This illustrates the general sentiment in Mainland China. When the CCP imprisons one person, many follow right afterwards [and become dissidents].

Gao Zhisheng: It is simple to resolve China's problems—resign from the CCP and go to the streets to protest. If the resignations continue, within two to three years, all CCP members will have resigned and ceased to collaborate with the hoodlum regime, and the life of this murderous regime will be ended. If the regime is no longer alive, how can it kill you? Withdraw from the CCP! Believe in God! This is what we can do at present. Walk out of your doors. You have not only walked out of your doors, you have come to Beijing.