China’s Organ Market Atrocity

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November 11, 2019Updated: July 10, 2020

Cathy He’s credible, straightforward ‘Organ Harvesting’ article reaffirmed the excellent class and quality of what The Epoch Times offers the world as a news source.

It has now been two decades since the Chinese Communist Party openly displayed their policy of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

You have reported over many years accounts of that regime’s (now evident) policy of killing dissidents for a lucrative organ-transplant industry. There was a time when such a credible investigative report like this would have halted most of the world in horror and demand for accountability; now, that horror seems to be just a silent exponent of the business models of every corporation now lunging for their share of China’s economic hall of mirrors. It is something kept tightly-clamped and not acknowledged in the quarterlies or shareholders meetings.

I am no scholar, but I did learn to recognize a Faustian Bargain long ago. What level of graceful contract language relieves anyone trading with China of the culpability of enabling a regime that, now casually, murders and maims human beings as an economic policy?

During a shorter period of time, the Nazis established a policy of dealing with their belief of a “Jewish Problem”—straight murder of millions. They realized profit from diamonds, gold teeth, and looted personal property. That absolute horror has now evolved into a Chinese state-mandated industry, cultivating prisoners’ “viable” health status to guarantee a “donor” within days for recipients with the cash. Both terms “atrocity” and “genocide” fit within the China Tribunal’s findings, presented this September to the U.N. Human Rights Council. A ‘donor’ is not mutilated or murdered, regardless of how much lying and manipulation the Chinese regime sustains in dismissing their conduct as legitimate. Whether you may be a U.S. trade policy-making politician, or corporate board member with control over a deal with Communist China, your soul must be an exceptional gymnast to dodge being splashed with that much innocent blood.



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