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China’s New DNA-Based Bioweapons Target Specific Ethnic Groups, Races | Facts Matter

Over the past three years, a spotlight has been shone on the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) biowarfare program. And regardless of whether the coronavirus itself was a part of that program or not, the fact remains that the CCP has a large-scale and very viable biowarfare program in place, of which the Wuhan lab was just a small component. One of the most shocking things that we know they are developing is a biological weapon that can target and attack the DNA strands specific to certain racial groups.

In actuality, the CCP is indeed developing weapons that target specific race and ethnicity markers, which might make it more clear as to why the CCP has been able to stitch together the largest collection of American DNA profiles—even larger than what the United States has been able to collect. They’ve done this not only through hacking, but also through more traditional channels, such as purchasing the data from DNA sequencing companies. Moreover, at times, they don’t even have to purchase the data.

For example, BGI, one of the largest manufacturers of prenatal tests used around the world, has been sending the genetic data of pregnant women (from 52 different countries) to the Chinese military. But what use does the Chinese military have for all of this data?

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