China Uncensored: Are China’s Most Powerful Trying to Kill Each Other?

December 19, 2013 Updated: February 15, 2014

Xi Jinping is in Godfather mode! While trying to give off a saintly image as a progressive reformer, behind the scenes he’s taking out all the other jerks that get in his way!

After taking down Bo Xilai, it’s now Zhou Yongkang’s turn. It’s said he’s been put under either house arrest or “shuanggui,” the ultra shady internal disciplinary system of the Communist Party.

Zhou is the former head of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee and retired Politburo Standing Committee member. He also may have tried to assassinate Xi. Twice. After years as the head of China’s police and security forces, torturing dissidents, and committing human rights abuses, Zhou may get a taste of his own medicine. Look out for his trail in 2014!