China Scholars Condemn CCP's Brutality in Tibet

March 27, 2008 12:00 am Last Updated: March 27, 2008 12:00 am

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s brutality against Tibetan people has attracted worldwide attention and condemnation. On March 24, several scholars from mainland China weighed in on this issue.

Four scholars condemned the CCP authorities for its violent crackdown on Tibetans and for spreading lies through the media. They voiced support for the international call on boycotting the Beijing Olympics.

Sun Wenguang: The CCP Spreads Lies Through the Media to Conceal Atrocities

Former Shandong University Professor Sun Wenguang, stated that the CCP's crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan protest is a violation of basic human rights. He points out that not only does the CCP block international media from entering Tibet, it also manufactures news releases of events surrounding the crackdown that are full of lies. Sun thinks that the CCP has used its one-sided reports that incite ethnic hatred, as an excuse for its military slaughter of the Tibetans.

Sun compares this incident to the June 4th Massacre of 1989. Based on the CCP's past propaganda strategies, the possibility of a cover-up and disinformation in recent events cannot be ruled out. Even if a few Tibetans exercise self-defense due to this repression, or have taken excessive actions, they are rare occurrences of a people driven beyond the limits of forbearance. Despite Chinese media reports, Sun believes the CCP is still the chief culprit behind the crackdown.

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Sun stated that if the CCP continues its suppression, more countries will boycott the Beijing Olympics. This is the most direct way for the world to condemn and protest the recent actions of the Chinese communist regime.

Li Guotao: Tibetan Suppression Is a Disaster for the Entire Chinese Nation

Shanghai democrat and freelance writer Li Guotao said that the CCP's suppression of Tibetans is not only a disaster for the Tibet, but also a disaster for the entire Chinese nation. He said that the CCP uses its propaganda machine to frame the Tibetans as “rioters.” This sort of deceptive tactic was also used in the June 4th Massacre and the crackdown on Falun Gong. By creating a false impression, the CCP is able to put the blame on the dissidents.

As the CCP's violation of human rights continues to escalate, Li indicates that he supports all those who boycott the Beijing Olympics.

Ma Xiaoming: The CCP's Deception Once Again Ends in Failure

Former Shaanxi Television reporter Ma Xiaoming said that one of the main techniques the CCP uses for creating false propaganda is a media monopoly and one-sided reports.

He added that the CCP has always reported based on preset conclusions. They only report the symptoms and fail to explore the causes. “Even if there were Tibetans rioting as shown on China's state-owned media, what led to such behaviors? What are the demands of the Tibetans? Shouldn't their cultural or religious beliefs be respected and protected?” asked Ma.

Ma is firmly against the Chinese regime hosting the Olympics. He said that the CCP has continued to violate human rights, persecuting people of conscience, and depriving the basic rights of the general population and social vulnerable groups. “The CCP is hosting the Olympics to cover up its crimes,” stated Ma.

Chen Xi: The CCP Is a Criminal, Its Atrocities Tarnish The Olympic Spirit

Guizhou senior democrat and freelance writer Chen Xi, stated that the CCP's suppression of the Tibetans and misleading reports is a manifestation of its consistent pattern of violence and deception. “One can see the accuracy of its news reporting through its media transparency. The CCP's official media that is under complete blockade can only be non-objective and unfair,” said Chen.

“It is normal for many people and organizations both outside and inside China to boycott the Olympics,” said Chen, “they simply cannot allow the CCP to tarnish the Olympic spirit. We need to safeguard the sacredness and purity of the Olympics, and we cannot allow the CCP to use the Olympics to continue its crackdown on human rights and cover up its crimes.”