Chinese ‘Cancer County’ Resident Issues Attack Notice

June 19, 2009 Updated: October 1, 2015
Signatures on petitions opposing pollution (Epoch Times Archive)
Signatures on petitions opposing pollution (Epoch Times Archive)

Residents in eastern China’s Dongming County, Shandong Province issued a public statement on overseas Chinese news site Boxun, to announce a local suicide attack team organized to clear out the pollution and tyranny.

An open letter titled “Announcement from the Shangdong Dongming Rebellion Army Commander” states that the county is now called ‘Cancer County,’ since four Cyclohexanone chemical plants opened in Dongming in 2003, tens of thousands local residents now suffer from thyroid tumors. According to some medical doctors, over 60 percent of the county’s population suffers from the condition. The numbers appear to be growing.

The letter also claims, “Before the Cyclohexanone chemical plants opened several years ago, our county did not have a single thyroid tumor case.”

Deaf Ears…Political Corruption

“…many representatives from organizations in our county had repeatedly appealed to the district and county governments, the People’s Congress and Environmental Bureau, but the problem has never been resolved. The chemical plants insist on discharging polluted water into the town’s sewage system to reduce their operating costs. Dongming County Environmental Protection Bureau and the Heze Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (upper level authority) have never taken any action.”

The letter said, “Rebellion is their only choice now, since they had tried to “appeal, visiting the upper authority, begging,” but no one wants to listen to them.

The letter also said, the suicide attack team’s purpose is to destroy polluting factories, they will avoid any casualties, but they want to kill the Dongming county party chief. Furthermore, “The pollution factories belong to some county leaders and several tycoons.”

The letter claimed the team members include old and young, party members and average residents, Christians, Buddhists, and atheists. It also called for more people to join them. “Originally, Dongming County had beautiful mountains and clean water, now its people are in danger, let’s rebel, we would rather die in rebellion than die by pollution.”

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