China Opened the Three Gorges Dam, Flooding Cities; Swine Flu 2.0

June 30, 2020 Updated: June 30, 2020

Chinese state media reported the floodgates were opened in order to free up storage capacity to meet possible floods in the near future, while a local official claims it was for “power generation”. Epoch Times had previously received leaked government documents showing that authorities opened the floodgates, as heavy rains had caused waters to rise above the flood threshold.

This followed reports of the CCP secretly releasing waters from the dam, which flooded the entire city of Yichang. Residents in the path of the flood were not alerted ahead of time, and many were killed, including by electrocution from not shutting off power ahead of time.

And China has announced a vaccine for the new coronavirus, after it skipped the final test phase, and will now begin testing it on Brazilians.

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