China Mine Flood Traps 13, Days After Rare Rescue

August 7, 2007 Updated: August 7, 2007

BEIJING—Thirteen Chinese miners have been trapped by a flood in a mine shaft, state media reported on Tuesday, just days after 69 were rescued after a surge of water had trapped them underground for more than three days.

The latest victims of rainy weather and the world's most dangerous coal mining industry in which thousands are killed every year, were in southwest Guizhou province, Xinhua news agency reported.

Water burst into the mine in Qianxi County on Tuesday night, when 20 workers were down the shaft. Six were rescued, one died and 13 were trapped.

Last week 69 coal miners were rescued after being trapped underground by flood waters for more than three days in central Henan province.

China's coal mining industry is the deadliest in the world, with 4,746 people killed in explosions, floods and other accidents in 2006 as mining firms struggled to feed galloping energy demand in the fast-growing economy.

Some 1,799 coal miners died in 1,066 accidents in the first half of 2007, down 14.3 percent from the same period last year.