China Insider: Chinese Investors Arrested for Protesting Against FinTech Company Multi-Billion Scam

June 13, 2020 Updated: June 13, 2020

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On June 5th, victims of the “NCF Group” scam protested in front of the Xinhua Center in Shanghai, were violently dispersed by the police. / Backed by many CCP officials, “NCF Group” a subsidiary of “China’s UCF Holdings Group” remains scot-free, even though the fraud bilked more than $10 Billion from investors. / Investors from all over the country have been trying to take legal action, yet no police authority is willing to file a case.

00:42 China FinTech Scam Victims Violently Dispersed and Arrested

05:41 Poor Quality Masks Led to Massive Price Drop of Raw Materials in China

11:41 Chinese Yuan Registers Lowest Value in History

13:22 Chinese Residents: CCP Took No Action in Disaster Relief

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