China Insider: CCP Spokeswoman Mocked for Criticizing Trump

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October 8, 2020 Updated: October 8, 2020

CP Influence Present in 40 Percent of European Company Acquisitions

Research has found that China’s communist regime has moderate to heavy influence over 40 percent of European businesses acquired by Chinese companies in the last decade.

Datenna, a Dutch consulting firm specializing in screening Chinese investments, looked at data for hundreds of European companies that have sold most or all of their shares to Chinese firms to find out how much influence the Chinese state has over the companies as a shareholder.

CCP Spokeswoman mocked for criticizing Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump was quickly released from a hospital on Oct. 6 after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Communist Party(CCP)’s Foreign Ministry, criticized Trump on Twitter for getting the ‘finest treatment.’ This prompted derision from netizens, who demanded that the CCP walk the walk and withdraw special medical benefits for senior officials and party members.

Major Corruption in Local CCP Organizations in Inner Mongolia

Corruption has become rampant among local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations, according to a series of leaked documents obtained by The Epoch Times. The reports reveal that in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia, local CCP authorities buy their votes, collude with criminal groups, and steal government funds.

CCP Official Promote National Surveillance System Overseas

According to information obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, the Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, Bayin Chaolu, once promoted sensitive equipment and services such as electronic ID cards for monitoring people to “Belt and Road” countries. The Epoch Times recently obtained internal CCP documents showing that during the visit to Myanmar in August 2018, Jilin Provincial Party Committee Secretary Bayin Chaolu peddled the CCP’s population ID project to the Myanmar government. Current affairs commentator Li Linyi believes that the Changchun Hongda Group, promoted by Bayin Chaolu, is nominally a private company, but this private company is actually cooperating with Huawei in some overseas countries, promoting projects such as electronic ID cards.

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