China in Focus (April 16): Urgent Notices Suggest Second Outbreak

By NTD Television
NTD Television
NTD Television
April 16, 2020 Updated: April 17, 2020

Chinese officials have been claiming the CCP virus epidemic is under control in China. But many cities are going back to lockdown suggesting a second wave of outbreaks.

Why does the world know so little about the virus until it’s too late? An internal document issued by the Chinese regime, known as Document No. 3 seems to explain.

After China and Russia closed their border, Chinese citizens were stranded in between. In a prevention measure, rewards were offered for reporting anyone entering the country.

An anonymous tip alerted police to a nursing home in New Jersey overwhelmed with dead bodies.

UK’s foreign ministry says the Chinese regime will have some hard questions to answer. Beijing faces growing scrutiny over its handling of the virus outbreak.

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