China In Focus (June 4): Tiananmen Survivor Recounts What He Saw

June 4, 2020 Updated: June 5, 2020

Hong Kong police arrested protestors after the annual Tiananmen square massacre vigil today. The anniversary is especially sensitive this year as Beijing tries to get more control over the city.

A Tiananmen Square Massacre survivor recounts what he saw on that fateful day, 31 years later.

A new Communist Party secretary in Mudanjiang city has been appointed—after new virus cases popped up locally almost daily within the last week. Many suspect the virus situation is now out of control.

As tensions rise at the Indo-China border, a different kind of war is taking place in the world of apps. Google suddenly removed a popular Indian app from its playstore that removes Chinese software.

And India’s prime minister accepted President Trump’s invitation to join the G7 meeting this year. Experts say Trump may be bringing in allies to block China.

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