China in Focus (Sept. 14): Top US-China Advisor Criticized by Home Province

September 14, 2020 Updated: September 18, 2020

Pompeo’s top China advisor is being blasted by his native country. One Chinese clan even claimed to kick him out of the family, though they may not be related.

A harassment technique seemingly inspired by science fiction is reportedly being used to torment Chinese people—specifically those who dare to stand up against government corruption and communist party officials.

The European Union is requiring reciprocity, responsibility, and fairness from China. Germany spoke with the head of China’s Communist Party about Hong Kong, and the human rights of China’s persecuted minority groups.

Britain’s intelligence chief says the Chinese regime poses the greatest threat to world order.

And a clip circulating on Chinese media shows a military jet performing near impossible feats. But some netizens suspect the aircraft isn’t actually as capable as it seems.

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