China in Focus (Sept. 11): Chinese Netizens’ Unexpected 9/11 Response

September 11, 2020 Updated: September 12, 2020

An unexpected response to 9/11: Chinese netizens seem to have taken a harsh attitude toward the attack’s anniversary—even condemning those who mourn for its victims.

Three explosions ripped through a restaurant in the coastal city of Zhuhai. Reports say three were injured, but it’s unclear if anyone was killed.

In an exclusive report, an internal document we obtained details how Chinese authorities were criticized for not destroying classified documents.

China is turning to its playbook for economic downturn—building infrastructure. Chinese authorities are calling on the country’s local governments to borrow and spend even more in order to boost the economy. That’s as they’re already suffering from a mounting debt crisis.

And a well-known Chinese publisher is detained by Beijing police. Friends say her decision to speak out for Chinese dissidents prompted the arrest.

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