China in Focus (May 23): Contradicting Virus Figures in China’s Northeastern Province

May 23, 2020 Updated: May 24, 2020

Many Hongkongers fear Beijing’s newly proposed law could end the city’s freedom once and for all. From planning a protest to online searches on immigration, see how they’re responding.

Photos show that a province in China’s far-north has been hard-hit by a virus outbreak. Many fear the city could become the next Wuhan. Now, residents are being barred from entering Beijing.

An in-depth report published by Chinese media shows something isn’t adding up in the CCP’s official reporting of virus cases in Heilongjiang province.

The United States cracks down on Chinese companies over their military ties and abuse of human rights. Over 32 firms have been blacklisted.

And calls are growing to close down Confucius institutes in American Universities. Today we take a look at the university where the first Confucius Institute in the United States was established, and the communist regime’s efforts for infiltrating the United States and and interfering in students’ academic freedom.

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