China in Focus (June 30): Hong Kong Plans Protest to Oppose New Law

June 30, 2020 Updated: July 1, 2020

Beijing passed its national security law for Hong Kong, setting the stage for radical changes. According to the complete draft, the new law doesn’t just affect Hong Kong residents.

Hundreds of middle-class Beijing residents try to stop police from tearing down their homes. One expert says the move is an unusual one, as forced demolitions usually target those at the bottom of society.

The United States is making a series of moves in the Indo-Pacific suggesting America might be taking real action to counter China’s coercive behaviors in the region and defend its allies.

In a strong move targeting China in the online space, India bans nearly 60 Chinese mobile apps. This is just the beginning of the anti-China sentiment in India.

And a new strain of swine flu is proving infectious to humans. A study says the strain has a potential pandemic threat, but experts warn not to overreact.

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