China in Focus (April 24): Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Propaganda Push

By NTD Television
NTD Television
NTD Television
April 24, 2020 Updated: April 25, 2020

China’s foreign ministry responded to global calls of accountability for the pandemic. But many point out his claims ring false.

Internal documents obtained by NTD reveal China was preparing for a coronavirus outbreak long before admitting there was even human to human transmission.

In one of Beijing’s districts, a video shows a family being taken away by medical staff. This district is designated as “high risk.”

Thousands of Chinese investors suffered huge losses over the oil collapse this Monday. At the same time, it shed some light on the lack of transparency in parts of China’s financial sector.

And U.S. stock regulators are warning investors about the risks of Chinese company stocks. This comes after a blowout of China’s biggest coffee chain and a growing list of scandals around Chinese companies.

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