China in Focus (Dec. 22): Virus Outbreaks on the Rise Across China

By NTD Television
NTD Television
NTD Television
December 22, 2020 Updated: December 23, 2020

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in China. More lockdowns, mass virus testing, and public space closures have been seen across the country.

China has 100 million doses of vaccine for domestic use. And another 100 million doses will be imported from Germany.

How corrupt are Chinese officials? Their embezzled money could fill the trillion dollar gap of China’s pension fund. And the list of corrupt officials could replace the country’s rich list.

Hongkongers freedoms have been diminished greatly over recent months, due to Beijing’s National Security law. Attacks are happening in broad daylight.

And the data of Americans is in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party. Zoom gives its user data to the Chinese regime, so the company can stay in the country’s huge market.

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NTD Television
NTD Television