China In Focus (June 8): China Threatens Reprisal if UK Bans Huawei

June 8, 2020 Updated: June 10, 2020

Telecoms giant Huawei now faces another major blow. The United States is now restricting semiconductor firms selling chips made with American technology to the Chinese tech company.

China’s new National Anthem Law is set to take effect in Hong Kong this week, despite strong opposition from Hong Kong legislators.

Residents in a Taiwanese city voted to remove their mayor from office for the first time in history. Over 900,000 showed up to vote.

Heavy rains are impacting over 50 cities and counties in China. One river’s water level rose a whopping 13 feet in a day. Even more rain is expected.

China threatens to pull the plug from a UK nuclear power plant and retaliate against a British bank if the country moves to block Huawei. Meanwhile, the Chinese tech company is already struggling with new sanctions from the United States.

And a former director-general of the WHO weighs in on the debate surrounding Beijing’s virus response. She says she’s not sure if the regime deliberately covered it up, but if they did, it would be nothing new.

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