China escalates hostilities against US journalists; Poll Shows 40% Americans Won’t Buy Made-in-China

May 19, 2020 Updated: May 19, 2020

An editorial in China’s state-run Global Times says China is “countermeasures ready” for a “prolonged ‘war’” with the United States. This is in context of pending investigations into the origins of the new coronavirus, sharp verbal conflicts, sanctions, trade wars, and factories leaving China. The Chinese regime views these as elements of an unconventional war.

The “battle” is already being carried out. Just recently, China threatened retaliation over new U.S. restrictions on telecommunications company Huawei, and warned of new “countermeasures” for new U.S. restrictions on journalists at Chinese state media.

And there is contradictory reporting on the state of China’s economy. The New York Times is reporting that the virus is “seemingly tamed,” and with this the Chinese economy has begun to recover. Several other stories and factors dispute this claim, however.

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