China Blacklists Hong Kong Celebrities Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Denise Ho, Nick Cheung

October 23, 2014 Updated: October 23, 2014

Hong Kong celebrities are going to be pretty scarce on the mainland in the foreseeable future.

According to Apple Daily and a number of other Hong Kong publications, Chinese propaganda officials have blacklisted 47 Hong Kong stars who have supported the Occupy Central pro-democracy movement.

Those on the list won’t be able to make appearances in China, and will not be mentioned in any state-owned mainland Chinese media outlet.

At least one employee in a China state-run publication has confirmed the existence of such a list but gave no further details, the LA Times reports.

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (The Grandmaster, In the Mood for Love), Nicky Cheung (To Live and Die in Mongkok), Anthony Wong (Initial D), Chapman To (Infernal Affairs), lyricist Albert Leung, singer-actress Karena Lam, singers Denise Ho and Deserts Xuan have supposedly been marked out by the Chinese authorities.

Anthony Wong posted on his Facebook: “What have the protesters damaged? What have they burnt? Whom have they killed? Why do you use … tear gas?

“If there is a riot, what would you use? Aircrafts? Cannons? Tyranny?”

Like Wong, mega stars Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau have publicly condemned the Hong Kong police’s use of tear gas on unarmed and nonviolent protesters on Sept. 28, but they appeared to have escaped outright censure for the time being.

On the tear gas incident, Chow told Apple Daily: “The police were wrong the first day.

“Hong Kong residents will be very offended if the government continues to treat the students with violence.”

Chow added: “I’m moved by the students and civilians, they are very brave to pursue their demands.

“[Hong Kong Chief Executive] Leung Chun-ying shouldn’t avoid the problem.”

Andy Lau also briefly commented that there ought to be “no tear gas, no violence, no abuse.”

Still, there have been rumblings on the web that the Chinese media authorities have removed all ads featuring Chow and Lau, so it is possibly that the duo have only been partially censored on the mainland.

Not all Hong Kong stars are supporting the Umbrella Movement.

One big Hong Kong star is staunchly in the pro-Beijing camp.

On his Weibo account, Jackie Chan wrote: “There cannot be a prosperous home without a powerful country.

“Love our country and love our Hong Kong.”