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China Announces Plans to Upgrade Nuclear Weapons

The Chinese regime says it will continue to upgrade its nuclear weapons. The statement comes just a day after Beijing pledged to work toward “a world without nuclear weapons.”

The Chinese Communist Party “is not qualified to host the Olympics.” That’s what a former Chinese Olympian says—after competing for years under the regime.

An iPhone and an iPad exchanged for a small bag of rice, and two packs of cigarettes traded for vegetables— in the Chinese city Xi’an, residents turn to bartering to cope with lockdown orders.

About 20,000 bottles of Lithuanian rum get redirected to Taiwan after Beijing blocked the shipment amid trade tensions.

And with another tough year behind us, families are finding hope in a premier classical Chinese dance performance. The performance presents the audience with the lost world of traditional Chinese culture and a glimpse of what the nation looked like before communism.

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