China, Iran Want You to Vote for Biden

October 11, 2020 Updated: October 14, 2020


It’s no secret that the totalitarian governments of China and Iran favor Joe Biden in the presidential election.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would like nothing more than to go back to the status quo ante, the pre-Trump world when U.S. politicians convinced themselves (or pretended to) China would turn democratic if we gave them favorable trade terms and shut up about their monstrous repressive policies, including the hundreds of thousands—or is it millions—languishing in “reeducation” camps, while the rest of their population becomes subject to the pervasive Orwellian surveillance of the “social credit“ system.

Then, there’s the little matter of the as-yet-still-mysterious provenance of the novel coronavirus, appropriately called the CCP virus hereabouts, that has wreaked such havoc across the globe. When we will know the truth about what really happened in the Wuhan virology lab? Would a Biden administration even want to know?

And, yes, as most of us realize, there’s considerably more, but it was all OK in the view of Democrats like Biden and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)—she of the Chinese chauffeur who, mirabile dictu, was suddenly exposed as a spy after 20 years of service to her—as long as there was money to be made.

And there was, a lot, as Hunter Biden, not to mention Feinstein’s husband, can attest.

Hunter’s father had to revise his initial praise of China, pooh-poohing the idea they might be an enemy, when things started to get a little obvious and handlers whispered in his ear this wasn’t exactly the road to the White House.

So it’s hard to feel reassured about how Joe would behave toward the communist regime once in office. There’s a great deal more reason, actual evidence of deals, to believe the Chinese have “special leverage” with Biden than there ever was that the Russians had something on Trump.

And politicians such as Biden and Feinstein are far from alone in their fealty to Beijing. They have plenty of support among U.S. progressives. As is well-known, many of our universities, from Harvard on down, have been bribed with huge sums by the CCP to regard them favorably, and even have had spies on the faculty, with Confucius Institutes—essentially communist propaganda arms—installed on many campuses.

Would a President Biden fight this network of corruption that actually justifies and teaches totalitarianism to our youth? Does he even think or know about it?

We know Trump would, because he already has. He does it.


This is also true of Iran.

Trump pulled us out of the Iran Nuclear Deal engineered by the Obama-Biden administration, the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), whose only concrete “action” was to give the mullahs billions, a good swatch of it in untraceable cash. They used it to finance Hezbollah, the Houthis, and the rest of their religious fanatic cut-outs so they could murder people all across the Middle East and prolong the already endless Syrian Civil War, resulting in umpteen thousands of more deaths, and refugees streaming into Western Europe into the millions.


And did this do anything to restrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Who knows—but it’s highly unlikely. Incredible as it may seem, the deal forbids the inspection of Iranian military sites, the very places where nuclear weapons research would be conducted.

When Trump called the Iran deal “the worst ever,” it was an understatement. It’s easy to see why the Europeans might want to do it—to make business deals, particularly for oil—but why us? What was Obama’s (and therefore, Biden’s to a lesser extent) real intention? Like the Wuhan virology lab, what actually transpired behind the scenes remains a mystery.

But when Trump pulled out, the situation in the Middle East slowly began to improve significantly, a realignment began that has resulted in the first peace deals between Israel and the Arabs in decades, first with the United Arab Emirates and then Bahrain, with several others in the offing, including Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

This is an extraordinary change that almost no one predicted. Even Biden had to admit it was a good thing, though he hasn’t talked about it much, needless to say, because it never would have occurred hadn’t Trump exited from the JCPOA, reassuring the Sunni states that he had their backs against the imperialist mullahs.

Now, the key Middle East players are holding their breaths over the U.S. election. The Saudis are reported to be seriously considering a similar peace deal with Israel (with whom they already share intelligence) and, of course, Iran on the opposite side, waiting hopefully for a Biden-Harris administration that has promised to reenter the JCPOA.

Whether such a move on Biden’s part would destroy this nascent Middle East peace, keep the careful Saudis—who would see it as appeasing the mullahs—from signing an agreement and return us to the constant state of terror and enmity the region has been in for years isn’t known, but it sure wouldn’t be helpful.

In fact, it would be downright destructive, stupid beyond words.

But a Biden administration could well do it.

No wonder when Robert Gates, Obama’s secretary of defense, was asked in May 2019 by “Face the Nation’s” Margaret Brennan whether he stood by the statement in his memoir that Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” Gates replied, “I think I stand by that statement.”

We could hope Gates is wrong, or we could vote for Trump.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, co-founder of PJMedia, and now, a columnist for The Epoch Times. Find him on Parler and Twitter @rogerlsimon. Buy (and enjoy) his books on Amazon.

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