Video: 6-Year-Old ‘Police Officer’ Spreads Love at Nursing Homes With Hugs and Flowers

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

Small Police Officer Spreads Love

With all the talk today of crooked police officers and civilian shootings, we often tend to forget that police officers are human as well. This small police officer shows that they can be good as well.

This video shows a small 6 year old boy, dressed in blue police attire, doing good things for people in the community. For instance, he works to give people flowers and hugs, and tries to make them feel better as a result.

“I just want to see people smile” the young boy says as he walks around, spreading joy and giving people something to smile and talk about. In this day and age, having some good news and something nice to see can be a breath of fresh air. A lot of videos online showcase atrocities and horrors that happen on the daily. And while these are important to know about, it can really wear down on someone’s psyche.

In fact, constant bad news can make people see the world in a very pessimistic and negative way, and as a result can turn people into negative people. Avoiding those feelings of hopelessness and neuroticism can be a great way to help get people to work together to solve problems.

So trying to find more positive things to add to yours or your friends dashboard can provide a lot of good feelings. It can make someones day to see this young boy going around and handing flowers to the elderly, giving them hugs and making them have something to smile about, and something to look forward to if the boy decides to come again later.

We need more positivity in the world, and doing stuff like this might just be the easiest way that we can go about in doing that.

Credit: Newsflare