Chen Guangcheng’s Wife Speaks of Threats Received

May 5, 2012 Updated: May 9, 2012

Yuan Weijing, the wife of activist Chen Guangcheng, has spoken about the threats she received while her husband Chen was in the U.S. Embassy and at the center of diplomatic tensions between China and the U.S. after his daring escape from his home in late April.

In an interview with Xin Yu from Radio Free Asia and published on their website on May 4, Yuan Weijing talked about what happened after Chen escaped:

“They took me away, to the public security bureau to answer questions. They wanted to know specifically what time Guangcheng left, how he left, and with the help of whom. They also ransacked our house, and then started living there. They ate our food, and they brandished clubs saying they would beat me to death. They didn’t beat me, but they actually had grabbed their clubs. They were very angry because their leaders had criticized them for allowing Guangcheng to escape. So they took their anger out on me, abusing me nonstop. Every day there were many people taking photos in our courtyard, observing the path that Guangcheng had used to escape. They set up seven cameras in our courtyard.”

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