Celebrate the Fourth Under the New Blitz

July 3, 2020 Updated: July 6, 2020


It would be repellent to say we are living under a blitz equivalent to the original (WWII) but we are certainly living under one that has been going on for some time and is reaching its apotheosis for this July 4, 2020—a blitz of disinformation from our media, politicians and so-called experts.

This blitz is not allowing us to celebrate our national holiday with even a tenth of the joy and vigor to which we are accustomed. No fireworks, no bands, no picnics. We’re lucky to have a hot dog without the bun.

Fight it with all your might! Don’t let them get you down! Think Churchill!

The latest unmasking of this disinformation—with ramifications for the extent we have been locked down for an illness with a low and decreasing mortality rate—is it turns out the virtually cost-free hydroxychloroquine is highly effective after all as a treatment for COVID-19.

“The anti-malaria drug that President Trump touted as a possible treatment for coronavirus, hydroxychloroquine, successfully lowered the death rate among hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the most recent study of the drug.

The large-scale analysis, conducted by Henry Ford Health System, was published Thursday in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The study examined 2,541 patients who had been hospitalized in six hospitals between March 10 and May 2, 2020.

“More than twenty-six percent (26.4%) of patients who did not receive hydroxychloroquine died.

“But among those who received hydroxychloroquine, fewer than half that number — 13% — died.”

This news also points out the degree to which we have been gulled by “experts.” (When I see the words “experts say” in a headline or article, even in this publication—thankfully rarely—I run for the literary hills.)

Epoch Times Photo
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, adjusts a face covering during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing in Washington on June 30, 2020. (Al Drago – Pool/Getty Images)

Dr. Anthony Fauci—a Deep State functionary par excellence for decades—became a literal temporary dictator of our national life over the last few months, in part by decrying this drug.

But enough of him. On to what is the biggest lie, the grandest disinformation, being promulgated across our land for July 4, 2020—America is a racist country!

All I can say is [expletive deleted].

How about balderdash?

This is The Big Lie in extremis and, like so many of its ilk, the reverse is true. America—as most of us know but are loath to admit in public these days—is the least racist, most multi-cultural country in history, one that lost roughly a half million of its citizens in the fight against slavery and then enacted all kinds of legislation against racism, also giving preferences to minorities that endure to this day and have changed the nature of our businesses, educational system, politics, media, and entertainment.

Sure there are racists in a nation of three hundred and thirty million—how could there not be—a handful on the right and an escalating number on the left who are pretending to be otherwise. (The supposedly anti-racist Black Lives Matter is taking the lead in anti-Semitism, which has become the most popular form of discrimination in our country.)

The idea that cops are racist, with the most minor exceptions, is laughable. (We actually don’t know, have no evidence, if even the some of the most recent, and highly publicized, cases were racially motivated.)

It makes no sense, unless you believe police are working against their own people. The majority of urban police departments are actually led by blacks and have huge African American and Latino contingents.

When you see a police officer, give him or her a big thumbs up for the Fourth. They’re there to protect you and have been unfairly maligned during the new blitz.

Who’s not there to protect you on this or any other day are the great social media companies. I’ll hazard a guess you won’t find much celebration of the Fourth—other than ritual obeisance to the protestors—on these global behemoth sites that are beholding to no one, except occasionally the communist Chinese.

They are part of the blitz of disinformation, the biggest part really, as they inexorably intrude on the freedoms upon which this country was founded, spying on our every movement and thought.

Soon enough we will have to decide what to do about them. But this is the Fourth of July, a time to celebrate the many accomplishments of this great nation.

Of course, there is plenty of work we have to do to make it better, to continue to make ourselves “a more perfect union” (not a perfect one—that would be impossible).

But meanwhile, think Churchill. Overcome the new blitz. Celebrate.

Roger L. Simon is an award-winning author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, and co0founder of PJ Media. His most recent book, “The GOAT,” is quietly patriotic and a good weekend read over the Fourth.

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