Cedric Lee Interview: Lee Says Vhong Navarro Was Naked When He Entered Cornejo’s Condo

Cedric Lee said in a new interview that Vhong Navarro was naked when he and his wife and friends entered Denice Cornejo’s condo.

Lee said that he was forced to throw Navarro off of Cornejo, who had been trying to ward off Navarro’s unwanted advances.

The new interview is a step beyond the previous story from Lee and Cornejo’s side, which previously only alleged that Navarro was trying to rape Cornejo and still had his clothes on.

Lee also said that six or seven other women are planning to come forward against Navarro with similar claims about sexual abuse.

In addition Lee denied taking video of Navarro’s body parts, reported ANC.

However, Lee and Cornejo–along with six others–are now being held without bail because the Department of Justice found that their story didn’t hold up.

The department found that CCTV cameras from Forbeswood Heights, where Cornejo lives, was consistent with Navarro’s story.

Navarro says that he was set up, and after entering Cornejo’s apartment he was jumped, tied, and beaten, then forced to say that he had raped Cornejo.


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