Cartoon HD Still Offline for Android, iPhone; Other Apps Try to Take its Place; Is Popcorn Time a Replacement?

Cartoon HD, the iPhone and Android app, has been offline for some time now, but now there’s a slew of replacements.

Cartoon HD allowed mobile users to get full-length films and cartoons illegally. Apple eventually removed the app from its App Store.

According to PC Advisor, there’s been a plethora of similar apps uploaded to the App Store in an attempt to cash in on its popularity–much like with what happened to the game Flappy Bird earlier this year.

Some of these apps likely contain malware or imperil the security of your device.

“User reviews and ratings are also likely to make the app look appealing, however these are likely to be fake or from users who simply don’t know what they’re talking about,” writes PC Advisor, essentially warning users to be vigilant.

The apps are designed to make money via advertisements rather than just charging users to download it. There also might be in-app payments.

However, it is not advised to enter credit card, debit card, or bank information in one of these apps.

Some developers “might try to collect your personal data,” says PC Advisor, adding that “they will want to sell this information on for profit – you might not think it but your information is very valuable. When you click ‘Install’ on an app, a box will appear showing you what permissions it requires before you then accept.”

The best options cost money. Netflix, BlinkBox, Flixter, Wuaki TV, and Google Play Movies & TV are all suitable ways to get movies and TV shows.

For illegal downloads, Popcorn Time is probably the best alternative as long as it stays up.

After Cartoon HD was taken down, a number of users tweeted their dismay.

“I can’t sleep & cartoon hd can’t even help me out” one person wrote. Another added on Twitter: “My cartoon HD isn’t working and I’m worried my life will spiral into nothing”.