Cartoon HD App Taken Down From App Store; Users Upset Apk No Longer Available for Android, PC, iPhone, Mac

Cartoon HD is no longer available through the app store, upsetting users.

At the same time, Gapp Center has gone silent on the cause, prompting speculation about what happened to prompt the app to vanish.

“Is it coming back?” one user tried asking Gapp Center via Twitter.

“Guys why? Are you making another or bringing this back!!!” wondered another.

The company only alerted people on June 5 with a simple tweet, “Sorry! Cartoon HD is closed.” It hasn’t tweeted anything else since.

The app was reportedly shut down after the developers created a clone, but that was apparently shut down as well.

Cartoon HD is a popular but illegal app that enables users to streat free television and movies.

The app cropped up over Christmas 2014 and was taken down for a spell before being put back up.

Some users say they found a way to get the app working again–move the date back on their devices.

“If you’re on an iPad then go to date settings, disable automatic setting and put it back a year. Double tap the home button and then close Cartoon HD fully, (slide it up). Start Cartoon HD again and it should work for now. Looks ominous though, also this doesn’t seem to work on a Samsung Galaxy Pad,” according to one user via Reddit.

However, this fix appears to only really be working on iOS, and not Android. 

According to the Exeter Express and Echo, officials in the United Kingdom and Internet providers were monitoring the IP addresses of users who were downloading the app.

There was a plan to send letters to users, but “it is thought that at first they will have an educational tone, rather than [level a] penalty.”



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