Cars Crash Into Buildings

May 16, 2018 Last Updated: May 16, 2018

Two, shocking car crashes are caught on camera in Austin.

Ted Burton, vice president of communications, at Central Health said, “This has never happened before and chances are it will never happen again at this location. It’s one of those freak accidents. We are very glad that no one was hurt.”

The center was closed at the time of the crash around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning.

The cost of the damage is still unknown.

Central Health officials are thankful that the car didn’t destroy  a more expensive part of the building like the clinical room.

Austin Police arrive 4 minutes after the crash and said that the driver was arrested on a felony  DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges, his  passenger was taken to a local hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

Just about 12 hours before there was another DWI arrest in a similar incident in the North Austin neighborhood. A car slammed in to a home on Glen Lane.

Maria Herrera, a neighbor and a good friend of the home owners said she heard a loud bang and ran outside in a panic to check on her neighbors. Luckily none of them were hurt.

We are told that the husband was in the backyard and the wife was at church.

The latest statistics show that in 2016 there were  1,432 DWI related crashes in Austin. That was up slightly from 2015: 1,373.

“Public transportation is really big in the city of Austin,” explained Officer Raul Dominguez, of the Austin police Department. “We have several ways people can get to and from home. First off we have the buses, the night owl.”

“Victims of  DWI don’t necessarily have to be another driver or a pedestrian on the roadway, it could be people living right in their residence,” said Dominguez.