Captain Nadira Ramli Was Set to Marry Fariq Abdul Hamid, Co-Pilot of Missing Flight MH370

March 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Fariq Abdul Hamid, co-pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, was going to marry Captain Nadira Ramli, a pilot from another airline.

Ramli, 26, has been given a month’s leave as she awaits news of what happened to the flight as investigations continue, reported the Daily Express. 

She’s with Hamid’s distraught mother at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, where the flight took off a week and a half ago only to vanish about an hour later.

Both pilots studied at a pilot school in Langkawi and have known each other for nine years. 

Ramli is the youngest child of another pilot, Captain Ibrahim Ramli.

A relative told the Sabah-based newspaper that Hamid’s girlfriend is calm and being supportive to Hamid’s mother.

At the same time, Ramli’s father and her mother Nancy Jipanis are upset over “all sorts of stories” being reported on regarding the missing jet, which has been the source of unending speculation. 

Hamid planned to marry Ramli soon. 

He joined Malaysia Airlines in 2007 and had over 2,700 hours of flight experience before Flight MH370.

He’s the youngest son of Selangor Public Works Department deputy director Abdul Hamid Mad Daud.

As the investigation has progressed, Hamid and the pilot of the plane, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, have increasingly come under scrutiny

One or both of them may have disabled the plane’s communication system in an effort to hijack the plane and crash it somewhere. 

Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak revealed the information over the weekend but stressed that all possibilities were being looked into.

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